Children need a voice. Resources are available to make sure their needs are met.
Committe For Children
Committee for Children's mission is to promote the safety, well-being, and social development of children.

Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement Homepage
A super way to find your local state child support agency, plus reports, policy matters, articles and more.

National Center for Youth Law
This center addresses the problems of children including abuse, neglect, health care, public benefits, housing, detention and support.

Child Welfare League of America
This is a membership association of public and private non-profit agencies that serve and advocate for abused, neglected and otherwise vulnerable children.

National Association of Child Advocates
This is a professional association of non-profit state and local child advocacy organizations united to battle for children's safety, security,
health and education. 

National Coalition for Child Protection Reform 
This site is dedicated to reforming the child welfare system through education, litigation and advocacy. 

The Children's Protection and Advocacy Coalition 

Family Preservation and Child Welfare Network 
Information on foster care, child abuse and neglect, family violence, adoption, and more. 

The European Children's Network is a coalition of networks and organizations campaigning for the interests and rights of children. Includes reports and leaflets in various European languages. 

Child Welfare Resource Centre 
List of mostly Canadian links to organizations with an interest in child welfare issues.

Child Protection Reform 
This site provides information about public policy, addresses family abuse by the system, and calls for legislation reform. 

New England Network for Child, Youth and Family Services 
Training and networking center for regional community service organizations. Also provides advocacy and public policy consultation services. 

Children's Protection and Advocacy Coalition 
This organization is working to prevent sexual abuse against children. 

Volunteer for Kids
This site provides ways that you can volunteer to make a difference in the life of a child and links to volunteer opportunities, from the National Children's Coalition. 

SafetyEd International 
This organization works in many areas of Internet Safety: proactive educational programs and resources, and child protection and child advocacy. 

YWCA of the USA
Provides programs and services including battered women's shelters and counseling, child care, support to victims of rape and sexual assault, job
training, sports and fitness, health and advocacy.

International Youth Foundation
Supporting local child and youth development programs worldwide. 

This non-profit organization engages young people in service to their
community to work toward the day when every child in America will enter school prepared to succeed. 

Children's Defense Fund 
The mission is to ensure every child has a healthy, head, fair, safe, and moral start.