Morning Session Questions and Answers
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On the 1st year extension since you will no recieve a GNAk,will the department send a letter indicating receipt of the extension request? Federal Project Officers will provide grantees with a letter indicating receipt of the extension request.
Jamon Kent---Would you give the list of RTI contact named in the broadcast. How often will the national evaluator be requesting information from the local programs?   Hi, Jamon--Kellie Dressler here from OJJDP. I am serving as the Program Manager for the national evaluation, so contact me directly at 202-514-4817 or email We do not yet know how often we will be collecting data from the local programs, but I can assure you that as we refine the desgin and develop our timelines, we will share them with you. Also, please keep in my mind that we do not want to burden the local programs with data collection and we will work to make sure that doesn't happen.
Thanks Kellie--Our project manager is Brooke Marshall( Our local evaluator is MYRA WALL,( I will give them the information You are welcome!
Jamon Kent--Where will the technical assistance trainers be located? Will there be several bases they will be located across the nation, such as Seattle, San Francisco, etc.? Jamon You're consultant/broker is Elleen Deck and she will be housed in Portland, Oregon. She will contact your site within the next few days or early next week.
I am the local evaluator for Nassau BOCES in New York State. While I understand that the national evaluation will be concerned with more 'macro' issues, how can we avoid duplication when my local evalaution plan includes obtaining baseline student information on their past and current drug use, for example. With parents and school districts rightly concerned with the sensitivity of asking students such questions, how can we propose to asking students these questions twice?

Should we just wait for the national evaluators to ask these sensitive questions, or should we go ahead as planned?

Thank you in advance.
Renee J. Blumstein, Ph.D.
Dix Hills, NY

Hi, Kellie Dressler, Pam Lattimore, and Eve Moscicki are here to address your question. The national evaluator will be able to share instruments early Summer and will collect data in the Fall for the first wave. If you have instruments ready now and ready to move ahead, we advise that you do so. We do not want to hold up your evaluation work. If our timing works for you, then wait for us and coordinate with us.
I'm the local evaluator for San Francisco. We currently have a schedule of collecting student survey data in the Spring - to coincide with YRBS, etc. Since you are planning on doing baseline in the Fall, will you be collecting outcome data every Fall? It is going to be problematic for us to be collecting student data at our sites every Fall and Spring? We will be doing data collection every Fall in at least some of the sites (the sentinel sites). From the standpoint of the national evaluation, it is not a problem to collect student data every Srping and Fall and it may be an advantage locally to have the additional data that will be collected by the national evaluator.