**note: you cannot access the webcast until you have tested your system. once you have tested your system, please scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the webcast link.

Step#1: Software Downloads & Other Requirements
In order to view the webcast you must have:

  • a 28k or 56k modem (for audio/video) 
  • a set of speakers 
  • a sound card 
  • streaming software, please choose either:
Microsoft Media Player Software (FREE download) 

RealPlayer Software (FREE download)


Step #2: Test Your System
Once you have the necessary software (described above), WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU TEST your system before the conference begins. 

To verify that your system is set up to receive live streaming, click on the "audio test" or "audio & video test" links below. If you need the Media Player or RealPlayer software, please return to the top of the page, and work through step #1.

Test Your Real Player: 28K Audio 
Audio & Video TEST

Test Your Microsoft Media Player: 28K Audio
Audio & Video TEST




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