Homework can be fun . . . if you have the right tools.  Here's a list of resources to help students, parents and teachers get through the the homework "blues."

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Parents . . . get involved in your child's homework. Even if you don't know the right answers you'll now know where to look.

Art on the Net
Tour the world of contemporary art in this online virtual art gallery. 

National Gallery of Art
This beautiful site offers an online tour of our nation's art.  Once inside you may view collections, find out about  upcoming programs, and the art of America. 

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Thinking about going to New York? Stop here before making your plans.  With over 2 million items in their collection, this is a museum you don't want to miss.  Current exhibits are displayed on this site. 

Geography & Travel
Library of Congress Country Studies 
More info on countries from the Area Handbook Studies. Search, browse, and retrieve facts on  85 countries. Countries are added as the information becomes available. 

The Jason Project
This is an electronic field trip with project bulletin boards and a student's corner that includes activities and updates. The Jason Project goes on a different expedition each year. Previous expeditions have been to Belize, the Galapagos Islands, and the Great Lakes. 

The GLOBE Program

History, Culture, Government & Politics
American Memory
Historical collections from the National Digital Library at the Library of Congress. Explore primary source material relating to American culture and history. Search or browse historical recordings, photographs, motion pictures, and documents.

CIA World Factbook
Pick any country and get maps, flags, political, economic and other updated information collected by the CIA.

Justice For Kids
A Department of Justice run resource for kids and teachers.

Encyclopdia Mythica
Myths, folklore and legends from around the globe. Search or browse mythologies from traditional Greek and Roman myths to Native American, Persian, Celtic and others. 

The 50 States 
If you haven't already done so, you may want to bookmark this site. It's a popular place for checking out the states. Locate maps, mottos, crests, and other  information about each state. 

HyperHistory Online
Great site for surfing almost 3,000 years of world history. Site includes maps, graphics, and timelines. Historical Documents Full-text historical documents at the Michigan. 

POTUS: Presidents of the United States
An incredible site with extensive information about America's presidents. Includes speeches, election results, biographies, and even links to video and audio files. 

Project Vote-Smart
This site tracks the political progress of over 13,000 public officials

THOMAS Legislative Information
The THOMAS directories are internationally known for their comprehsnive research databases and this site is no exception. Check out the latest Congressional legislation, debate, and committee assignments. 

United Nations
A searchable database including UN news and documents

Documents for the Study of American History

Libraries and Research Networks 

Library of Congress - Ask A Librarian
Can't get to the Library? Our online reference service is there when you can't get to us in person or on the phone. 

The Awesome Library
Help for every school topic. Searchable for quick action. 

Library Spot
International newspapers, reference tools, and more stuff to help you nab that perfect grade. 

Internet Public Library
This virtual library offers a reference section, links to a huge variety of sites, a teen section, and other great services. 

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
Incredible site on DiscoverySchool.com with over 350 links divided by topic. 

Math & Numbers

Ask Dr. Math
Got a math questions? ask Dr. Math.  AND If you can't find the answer on his site, just e-mail him directly for help. 

Science & Exploration

Globe: An International Environmental Science and Education Partnership
A project that includes students and teachers from over 3000 schools in 39 countries working with scientists to learn more about our planet. Visit the site for information or to find out how you can get involved. 

Discovery Channel
This site uses the same incredible programming of both the Discovery and Learning Channels. Check their weekly programs or seasonal program themes.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Great site for the latest info on space missions. Includes pictures, video, fact sheets, and news flashes from space. 

The Planets
This image database gives you a close look at many of NASA's images from the planetary exploration program. Click on the image to get a planetary profile. 

NASA Quest!
NASA's Internet Initiative. NASA takes you online to exciting space projects and missions. A "HOT TOPICS" section gives you the latest news in space, and a search engine helps you find space-related topics easily. 

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit
It may not be pretty to look at, but it's informative. Browsers have the chance to dissect a frog on-line! It's cleaner and smells a lot better than the school lab.

The Why Files
"The Science behind the News." The National Institute of Science Education presents a site which explains the "science" behind our everyday news. It examines winter storm patterns, meteor showers, cloning techniques in sheep, and much more! Understand the headlines of the day in a new way! 

Periodic Table of Elements

Statistics, Facts & Figures
US Census Bureau
Logon to this site and discover who we are, population numbers and more. 
Writing, Reading & Grammar

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
Who said what and when did they say it?  Find out by using Bartlett's mammoth online search engine. 

The Classics Archives
Searchable archive of almost 400 Greek and Roman classical texts (in English!) with user commentaries. 

Shakespeare's Complete Works
This site contains the full text of Shakespeare's writings and links to other sites. 

Darling's Guide to Grammar and Good Writing
Don't miss this incredibly practical grammar/writing guide. Read others' questions, submit your own, connect to other writing sites, or browse the topics. 

Roget's Thesaurus
Stumped? Get the right word from this online version of Roget's Thesaurus. 

The Elements of Style
THE classic guide to writing. Simple and clear descriptions make writing a snap. 

The Semantic Rhyming Dictionary
Need to finish that poetry assignment?  This site can help. 

Web of Online Dictionaries
Over 600 dictionaries in over 150 languages--even English! 

My Virtual Newspaper
Papers from around the world.  Browse by country or, for the U.S., by state.