Cool Girls, Inc.
Cool Girls, Inc., based in Atlanta, Ga., helps girls from low-income neighborhoods learn the importance of self-empowerment by exposing them to the broader world of opportunity that exists outside their communities.

National Mentoring Partnership (NMP)
The National Mentoring Partnership serves as a national mentoring resource, providing all the information necessary for communities to start their own mentoring programs.

Teen Advice Center
A non-profit organization made by teens for teens.

Teen Advice Online
An easy to use, comprehensive counseling and advise site where teens act as mentors to other teens.

Tutor 2000
Find out how you can become a tutor for other teens.

Voices of Youth
Includes: THE MEETING PLACE Where you can share ideas about important world issues. THE LEARNING PLACE Where you'll find activities to do and problems to solve. THE TEACHERS' PLACE Where teachers (and others) can discuss global education and online learning.

Youth 2 Youth
Youth 2 Youth provides a national helpline service for young people under the age of 23 in England.