Child Quest International Inc.
CHILD QUEST is a non-profit organization that utilizes new technologies including computer photo digitizing pictures of
missing children to assist in child recovery. Age enhancement to current age, on-site scanning, postermaking with worldwide distribution of the child and abductor(s) are also used. Services 
are free of charge.

Child Search provides the following services to give you hope if your child becomes missing. Missing Children Hotline, crisis counseling for the Families of Missing Children and search assistance. 

Heidi Search Center for Missing Children
The Heidi Search Center provides the following: education,
family support, computer networking and searches.

The Missing Persons CyberCenter 
The Missing Persons Cybercenter is designed to help people
around the world find missing loved ones, by taking advantage of
the global neighborhood created by the Internet and the capability
of instant communication on the net.

The Polly Klaas Foundation
Here you will find a list of missing children by region, as well as a master listing.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
NCMEC spearheads national efforts to locate and recover missing children and raises public awareness about ways to prevent child abduction, molestation, and sexual exploitation.

The Nation's Missing Children Organization and Center for Missing Adults
NMCO is a publicly supported nonprofit organization  founded to educate the public in an effort to prevent future abductions and to provide assistance to  the families of abduction victims.

North America Missing Person Bureau
NAMPB's site is where you can post a free message and search for that special someone who is missing from your life. Professional search advice is provided by expert Information Brokers, Researchers and Investigators. 

Child CyberSEARCH Canada

Streetcats Foundation
The Streetcats Foundation works with streetkids, runaways and other at-risk youth on the streets of New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

Missing/ Runaway Children Net Central
Streetcats Foundation with help from the National Childrens Coalition created this site to educate about missing and runaway children, advocate for more help for these victimized kids and teens, help parents find their children and present ways that you can volunteer, donate and help. 

The Jimmy Ryce Center for Victims of Predatory Abduction
View and post missing children's information.

The Lost Child Emergency Broadcast System
The Lost Child EBS is a volunteer child and youth recovery organization. The volunteer recovery units on land include off duty law enforcement public and private investigators, ham radio relay alert broadcasters, K-9 search and rescue specialists, trucker CB radio relayers,  postal carriers, and community service newspaper, radio and television station volunteers and many more.