National Programs

Developing & Maintaining Safe Schools
From Pathways to School Improvement comes this program about school safety. This site features a number of interviews exploring the goals of teacher, administrator, parent and student.

National School Safety Program
The National School Safety Center was created by Presidential Directive in 1984.   It has grown to become an internationally recognized resource for school safety information, training and violence prevention.

Safe Schools Coalition, Inc.
The goal of this site is to provide those interested in critical issues in education with supportive information resources available on the Internet.

Safe & Drug Free Schools Program 
The Federal government's primary vehicle for reducing drug, alcohol and tobacco use, and violence, through education
and prevention activities in our nation's schools. 

State Programs

Kentucky Safe Schools Program
central point for data analysis, dissemination of information about successful school safety programs, research results, and new programs for safe schools

North Carolina Center For Prevention of School Violence
The Center's public awareness campaign keeps the public informed about all aspects of the problem of school violence as well as what can be done to solve it.

Web Resources

Student Pledge Against Gun Violence
In an effort to battle gun violence in their schools, students across the country have taken a pledge against gun violence. The pledge will be observed in schools throughout the country on Oct. 8 1998. The pledge will give students throughout the country the chance to sign a voluntary promise that they will never carry a gun to school; never resolve a dispute with a gun and use their influence with their friends
to keep them from resolving disputes with guns

Myths About Gun Control
By Morgan O. Reynolds, Texas A&M University and W. W. Caruth III, NCPA Policy Report No. 176 ISBN 0-943802-99-7, December 1992

Reports & Articles

Students' Report of School Crime: 1989 and 1995
April 12, 1998 This Department of Justice report is the first focusing on data collected in the 1995 School Crime Supplement, an enhancement to the National Crime Victimization Survey. The report compares findings from the 1989 and 1995 SCS on student reports of victimization, drug availability, street gang presence and gun presence at school.

School Violence Prevention: Strategies To Keep Schools Safe
In this Reason Public Policy Institute study Alexander Volokh and Lisa Snell catalog the success and failure of various school violence reduction efforts. The authors found that, despite popular support for various cure-alls, whether they be gang-free zones, metal detectors or midnight basketball, no across-the-board solution proved entirely effective in combating school violence. The study found that an effective strategy may be to involve parents and the community in addressing the
individual needs of students. 

New Report Details Incidents Of "Kids Shooting Kids"
Violence Policy Center (VPC) Report Documents More Than 200 Stories from Across the Nation of Children and Teens Shot Unintentionally by Other Youth 

Tracking Violence in US Schools
A shocking timeline of school violence throughout the US. developed by ABC news.

National Center For Education Statistics Report
Violence and Discipline Problems in U.S. Public Schools: 1996-97 March 1998

Facts About Violence Among Youth and Violence in Schools
A thought provoking article from the Center For Disease Control and Prevention

From Words to Weapons: The Violence Surrounding Our Schools
This report contains results of one of the largest research studies of its type ever conducted. For this study, 1,802 students at 11 high schools and several continuation schools of the Los Angeles Unified School District were surveyed on a range of issues related to their experiences with violence, their own and their friends' weapons possession and their suggestions for ways to lessen violence, racial tension and conflict.