Covenant House
a helpful resource devoted to helping young people who are in pain and want to stop their lives.

Reach Out
online support and resources for young people going through tough times related to mental health and suicide issues, their friends and families, and professionals. 

SA/VE Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
Are you or a friend depressed or thinking about suicide? In Oakland County, you can call the 
Oakland County Suicide Prevention Center: 248-456-0909. 

Suicide Crisis Center
Features "Suicide Hotlines"

Crisis Hotlines

National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy Communications Project 
Addresses the information and communication needs of those involved in youth suicide prevention. 

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention 
CASP/ACPS provides information and resources in an effort to reduce the suicide rate and minimize the harmful consequences of suicidal behavior.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Help 
A personal account aimed at those who are contemplating suicide. 

Suicide Prevention Advocacy Network

Suicide Prevention Triangle 
This includes self assessment software and downloadable

National Center for Injury Prevention and Control: Division of Violence Prevention 
A CDC agency focusing on youth violence, family and intimate violence, suicide, and firearm injuries. 

Healing of Nations
Information about suicide prevention and crisis intervention
among American Indian youth. Emphasis on community planning from a cultural perspective. 

Make A Noise 
Youth suicide prevention site includes information on drugs and alcohol, mental health, sexual health, healthy lifestyles and eating disorders. 

Yellow Ribbon Project 
An organization dedicated to the prevention of teen suicide. 

Jason Foundation Inc. 
Dedicated to teen suicide prevention through awareness,
education, and prevention. 

Here For Life 
Not-for-profit public benevolent institution focusing on education, awareness and research aimed at the prevention of youth suicide. 

Phone-based service providing information and referral to community resources, child care options, crisis intervention and suicide prevention. 

An e-mail suicide prevention service.